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Meghan Trainor Reveals About Her Second Child

Meghan Trainor is the boy’s mother’s life! During Tuesday’s The Kelly Clarkson Show, the songstress and her husband Darryl Sabara continued the tradition by revealing the gender of their alternate child on the show.

At first, Clarkson called the “Voice of God,” but the couple and the host decided they’d leave it to the extended family Riley. In the clip, Riley, 2, proudly shouts, “It’s a boy,” after the introduction. Before the show, the “Mother” singer opened up to her followers.

During an appearance on The View on Tuesday, Koch opened up about living in a house full of boys. “Yes, I have a baby in me. It’s a boy,” she shared. I live with my two sisters, so it’s a boys’ house, that’s what we do.”

Meghan Trainor Reveals About Her Second Child
Meghan Trainor Reveals About Her Second Child

Although she knows boys love their maters, Trainor admits that every one of her sons is about their father. “Except for my oldest child right now, twice, 20 times,” she joked. “He’s in the daddy phase. I’m like, ‘When is this going to end?’ The 29-time “Made You Look” singer made headlines by announcing she’s writing a fatherhood advice book called Dear Future Mama.

And when co-host Hoda Kotb opened the book, there was a sonogram printout that revealed Coach was pregnant with her. A surrogate baby this summer.” It’s coming with a baby!” The Trainer stood up to show his growth.

At that, the Trainer participated in how the news of his eldest son’s creation would be passed on to the extended family.” We try to say ‘baby in mommy’s belly,’ but he points to his belly and says, ‘baby,'” she said. Koch said of her son.

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