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‘National Treasure: Edge of History’ has been canceled on Disney+

Disney+ is off the hunt for more funding. The Streamer is a national thriller of its series after one season. Edge of History has been canceled. The 10-episode series hit the news two months after it wrapped in early February. Let’s find out a few things from The Hollywood Reporter.

Jeremy Renner returns to the red carpet at the ‘Rennervations’ premiere, and talks about the future of acting. “I’m always busy doing the things I love to do”. Joe Early took over Disney Entertainment Streaming after Michael Paul left. Disney+’s coming-of-age basketball drama is the most compelling on the court.

The show premiered in December 2022. It should be noted that descriptive statistics are not usually available for Edge of History with the streaming series. Twenty DACA recipients. The sequel and expansion of the National Treasure movie franchise Edge of History star Lisette Olivera as Jess.

'National Treasure: Edge of History' has been canceled on Disney+
‘National Treasure: Edge of History’ has been canceled on Disney+

From Spanish conquistadors to the Iocon network of women caught up in the quest to find and preserve lost treasures hidden by Mayan and Aztec women. The first of two National Treasure films from Jim Kauf and scripts by Cormack and Marianne Viberly with film producer Jerry Bruckheimer, executive producer Bruckheimer for TV’s Jonathan Littman and Kristen Reid starring Juri Reed, Jordan Rodriguez, Antonio Cipriano, Jake Austin Walker, Lyndon Smith, and Catherine Zeta-Jones is also there.

They play an antique dealer angling for the same artifacts as Jess. Writer Rick Muirragui is directed by Jon Turteltaub, who directed the National Treasure films, and series director Meera Nair.

It topped the Nielsen streaming rankings once during its run, finishing ninth among original series for the week of January 16–22. It is one of only two Disney+ original series unrelated to Marvel or Star Wars to make the rankings.


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