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Singer Malu Trevejo was arrested for a traffic violation, and released within hours

Singer Malu Trevejo was arrested in Miami this week, RadarOnline.com has learned. Trevejo’s lawyer confirmed to RadarOnline.com that the songstress went to jail for an ongoing business violation.

She posted bail without delay and was released within hours. We learned that Trevejo’s former court hail failed to appear and bench leave was issued.

Sources say the songstress was not aware of the court date and the situation was resolved very quickly. AsRadarOnline.com first reported that last month, Trevejo scored a major palm in court after her ex-personal associate dropped the action on the importation charges.

Singer Malu Trevejo arrested for traffic violation, released within hours
Singer Malu Trevejo was arrested for a traffic violation, and released within hours

Former hand Wichneverson informed the court that Lacroix was dismissing all claims against Malu. He claimed the redundancy was prejudicial, meaning he could not refile claims later. Malu’s Hustler attorney, Jason Ziven, told RadarOnline.com, “We are pleased with the increase and will continue to fully defend Malu and her name from other complainants.”

In January, Malu was sued by four former workers, Lacroix, Victoria Barreto, Ralph Colo, and Eduardo Vidal, alleging innocence, battery, defamation, and sexual misconduct.

The parties sought $4 million in damages. Former workers claim that Malu had to endure appalling working conditions during their employment.


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