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‘Sissy’ Marshall, the wife of Justice Thurgood Marshall, dies aged 94

Cecilia Cici Suyat Marshall, the wife of late Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall, who worked with the Washington NAACP civil rights champion, died Tuesday at the age of 94, the Supreme Court announced.

Marshall’s husband became the first black judge in 1967 following a career as a civil rights judge. It was arranged by him in a government school. Forbidden Milestone. Brown v. The Board of Education argued the case. He retired from the High Court in 1991 and died at the age of 94.

'Sissy' Marshall, wife of Justice Thurgood Marshall, dies aged 94
‘Sissy’ Marshall, wife of Justice Thurgood Marshall, dies aged 94

Cecilia Suyat was born on 20 July 1928 in Hawaii. She then moved to New York City and took night classes at Columbia University to become a stenographer. An employment agency sent her to work for the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People in 1948.

Born in the Hawaiian Islands of Filipino descent, we never had those race issues. So working together at NACCP was an eye-opener for me. It was at NACCP that she met her future husband.

She argued a variety of cases including the case known as the Groveland Four in Florida, where four young black men were falsely accused of raping a white woman. She helped Marshall take notes and type briefs as he went to argue Case Brown v. Board of Education, which was argued in 1952 and 1953.

Marshall’s first wife, Vivian Bure, died of cancer in 1955. He and Suyat married later that year. She left the NAACP after their marriage. But they did not get married. She said it was not because of their 20-year age difference. It is said that many still consider her a foreigner.

She explained that she was worried about the reaction. When Thurgood proposed, I said, ‘No way,'” she recalled in 2013. But she stopped short of thinking that everyone was saying why they weren’t married, because they were foreigners. As he insisted, she said: “I’m marrying you.

I am not marrying the country and they are not marrying me. They had two sons, Thurgood Jr. and John. Judges can be said to have been judges before Marshall joined the Supreme Court. Loving v. In Virginia, 16 states ruled that laws prohibiting interracial marriage could not stand.

Many judgments have been argued like this. Justice Elena Kagan, who was Marshall’s law clerk, called Sissy Marshall a “wonderful woman” and wrote: It is informed that you must attend the court proceedings. You used to want to sit next to her in any event.

He was writing. She expressed that she has an easy sense of humor that can actually be a bit smooth and rich in the appropriate context. Now her absence from all of them can be said to be a sad one.”Justice Marshall’s every clerk had a bonus of sorts: the constant friendship and support of his wife, Sissy.”

In interviews later in life, Brown recalled her celebration after the decision… There are fools in this world. She remembered that Marshall had said something at some point. It was also said that I am going back to work and now my work has started.

Funeral arrangements are still pending, the Supreme Court said in a statement. Thurgood Marshall was buried at Arlington National Cemetery in Washington, where many other former justices are buried. Her death is very sad


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