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Twitter: Pay $8 to Blue Mark.

Popular social media Twitter has officially released an important update. In the newly released update, Blue Tick charges $8 for the verification mark. Other benefits will include notifications, half ads, option to submit longer videos to Twitter and priority rankings for quality content.

A new feature introduced on Twitter
A new feature introduced on Twitter

These updates are available in USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and United Kingdom. It works well in early countries. It has been announced through twitter that it will be released worldwide soon. Twitter will enable adding long form text to tweets.

Notepad said in another tweet that it will end screenshots. Before the social media platform took over, the blue check marks next to users indicated that the Twitter account was verified as belonging to the person or business that claimed it.

Twitter’s plan to confirm user identity beyond the charge is not yet known. Musk is also removing the employees working on Twitter on a large scale. It is hoped that the financial burden will be reduced by laying off the employees.

Musk is reportedly over $13 billion in debt. It has to pay a billion dollars in interest every year. He is making layoffs and updates to reduce this burden. Musk thinks paying $8 to Blue Mark will take some of the financial pressure off him. Blame me for whatever you think, but pay eight dollars for Blue Mark. Musk said.

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