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U.S: Priyanka Chopra meets the Vice President at the White House

Popular actress Priyanka met the US Vice President at the White House on Friday. They discussed the issues currently happening in the US. The two discussed a range of issues, including pay equity and gun reform.

priyanka with kamalaharris
priyanka ith kamalaharrish

Priyanka started her session talking about men who respect women. Priyanka said during an emotional interaction, that for the first time in her 22-year film history, she is being paid at par with her co-star this year. Priyanka said that she was very happy when Kamalaharris became the Vice President of the United States. In a famous interview she said that on that day it was very important for me and my family. She recalled that many people from India were involved in governance.
1.About abortions in the US
She asked that women should be given the opportunity to make an appropriate decision on abortion. It is said that the presence of women in prominent positions in governance is proof that women are given due priority in today’s society. She said that today’s women should know that it took many years to reach this level that women are excelling in all fields. She told the women that women should also take the lead in leadership and increase awareness on every issue so that the future generations should come forward in more matters.
2.Gun culture
One of the main problems plaguing the U.S. is gun culture. Every citizen owning a gun is more likely to be used by that citizen out of rage or anger at others. Due to this action, there is a huge loss of life and property. After using this gun, who is not able to complete the damage caused by his regret. Due to this damage, many things are happening in the US like leaving many orphans, many families are broken and some people are mentally crippled. Therefore, Priyanka Chopra also spoke about this gun culture. She asked that this policy should be examined on a comprehensive level and gun should be allowed only to the extent necessary.
3.Equal pay
Although it is said that men and women are equal in all matters, even today there is a clear difference between them in some matters. Equal pay is one such thing. Even today men and women do not get equal pay. Many women are of the opinion that even when the work done is equal, the pay should be equal.

When it comes to work, there used to be a feeling that men are strong and therefore work more, while women are weak and therefore work less. In today’s modern society, that concept has been removed. Men and women are equal in terms of strength but intelligence, but in any respect, men and women are equal, so at such a level, men and women are equal to equal work. Priyanka Chopra asked for salary. Both Priyanka and US Vice President KamalaHarris had a discussion on these matters and Priyanka Chopra shared these matters on her Twitter.

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