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US Company Launches First Fingerprint Activated ‘Smart Gun’

The world’s first smart gun has entered the market. Its makers said the weapons could ban children from accidentally shooting them. The gun uses BioFire’s Smart Gun fingerprint and sensor facial recognition technology to allow advanced users to fire the weapon.

BioFire founder Kai Klopfer said he was inspired to develop the weapon by the 2012 Aurora, Colo., theater mass shooting. It was one of the worst mass shootings in history at the time and it happened where I grew up, he told Bloomberg.

“That being said, it was one of my first encounters with gun violence. And it got me thinking and wondering if there was anything I could do about it. After ten years of development, a Goodachary gadget-esque 9mm weapon is available.

US Company Launches First Fingerprint Activated 'Smart Gun'
US Company Launches First Fingerprint Activated ‘Smart Gun’

Pre-order this week for $1,500. With kids, Klopfer said a gun is key to reducing or eliminating accidental shootings. Accidental suicides and shootings now account for the majority of youth deaths in America. As long as we’re trying to address that, the main thing we believe we can fully address is children’s and youth’s access to firearms. I never spoke.

A Pew Center report found that by 2019, over 50 percent. Gun donations are given to children and teenagers. That’s happening more and more in America. More and more young people are shooting themselves with guns because they’re under stress and they’re shooting themselves and dying.


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