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US:America is going to take a key decision on H-1B Visa and Green Card

America is the number one choice among Indians who want to pursue higher education and work abroad. As the job opportunities in America are high and the salaries are also high, everyone is very interested in working there. Those who are going to the US for new jobs should definitely get an H-1B visa, which is a visa that gives permission to work there.

H1B Visa for U.S.A
H-1B Visa and Green Card

Also, those who are already working in America should get citizenship if they want to settle there in the future. Before getting this citizenship they need to get a Green Card. America is going to take a good decision about H-1B and Green Cards soon. If this decision is implemented, it will benefit Indians who want to go to America.

It is reported that the processing period of H-1B and Green Card is being considered to be reduced to six months. If this happens, it will be good for the millions of Indians living in the US and their families for Chinese workers. The advisory committee gave its report on May 12. Soon the President of America is going to take a decision on this.

Green Card Processing Time: Due to shortage of staff due to Covid-19, the travel ban imposed in 2017 has led to severe delays in green card issuance, the report said. It has been informed in the report that green cars have been issued in a much smaller number than what should have been given. As part of this, it is suggested that the applications for green cards should be completed quickly by recruiting jobs on a large scale.

The committee recommended conducting 100% visa interviews for three months from August 2022. It has been clarified that the interruption in the issuance of green cards will be removed by 2023. It is mentioned in this report that the processing time of green card should not exceed 120 days.

The committee suggested that the work permit should be completed within two months and the work permit should be increased from 108 days to 365 days. It will be good for Indians if the decision to complete H-1B visas within two months is implemented. Most of these migrants are Indians and Chinese.

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