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Vampire Diaries star Kat Graham recalls struggles being ‘the only minority’ on show

Vampire Diaries actress Kate Graham has publicly stated that she is “the only minority” on the show. The star, who played Bonnie Bennett on the hit show, opened up about when she filmed the show. When it comes to her role in The Vampire Diaries, Kate admits she feels like she’s on the sidelines. “I’ve always been a weird guy”, she claims, I’m the only minority in the series. “I’m the only artist on the show, the only person who releases [music] on the show, so I’m already a bit different.”

Elsewhere in the interview, the Vampire Diaries star opened up about how she lied about her age to become a rugby dancer. Kate explained: “I dance, but I’m underage. So, I can’t go on tour with all the artists like I thought because I’m underage.”


The singer revealed that she had found a genius
Kate said: “So I would lie about my age, take it a step further and then I would be found out.
“And then I ended up booking something as a guest star, and I did a lot of Disney stuff.”

When asked how she balances singing and acting careers on the show, the actress admitted that she doesn’t have much free time.
Kate replied: “Actors enjoy their time, which is probably healthy.
But I balanced my family life, and I was in LA, had a fiancĂ©, and ran back to LA. “

She further revealed that she relies on her friends, who are now big TV stars, to get ready for the red carpet. Kat said: “If I had a red carpet [event] the only people I knew who my makeup could do would be my friends, [they] have now become the stars of Ru Paul’s Drag Race.

“So, I was dating [them], they were my friends,” she added. Elsewhere in the chat, the singer opened up about her performance at London Pride, saying: “London to me is like one of the most important cities in the world and you are invited to be in such a place for people. festival of influence Rights and equality are an honor.
It’s not the same as being asked to do a little show or something.

“It was like, ‘Hey, we think you’re, your voice, important enough to get you on stage,'” she explained.

“For me, I think it’s the greatest honor because everyone who puts the team on the board is someone who has a history in the community,” she added.


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