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Won’t run for US President survey in 2024, says Hillary Clinton

Washington (US): Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Tuesday (nearby time) said that she won’t be running for President again following her two bombed offers in 2008 and 2016. Clinton was talking at a news channel where she was inquired as to whether the pioneer could at any point run for president once more. “No, no,” Clinton said as cited by The Hill. “Yet, I will give my very best for ensure that we have a president who regards our vote based system and law and order and maintains our organizations,” she added.


The anchor additionally asked Hillary Clinton “Imagine a scenario in which Donald Trump runs once more “The previous US Secretary of State answered that Trump wouldn’t squeeze into that class and that “he ought to be sufficiently crushed” on the off chance that he runs once more. Clinton was crushed by Trump in the 2016 official political decision.

During the 2016 political decision cycle, Clinton was tormented by embarrassment following the disclosure that she had a confidential email server while filling in as secretary of state during the Barack Obama organization, provoking an extensive FBI test, Fox News detailed.

Donald Trump has been prodding one more run for president in 2024, and as per The Hill, surveys show that he has a decent shot of securing the Republican selection. Clinton has said that she would underwrite President Biden assuming he runs for re-appointment that very year. “Joe Biden beat in an enormous avalanche triumph in the well known vote Donald Trump.

I feel that says a great deal,” Clinton said had said on TV in late June, The Hill revealed. Clinton killed any correlations between her utilization of a confidential email server while filling in as secretary of State and the new disclosure of ordered materials at Trump’s Florida home, saying the two circumstances are “truly unique” from one another.

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