Cold Water Fatty Fish: high amounts of LC omega-3s  with Lower fat.

chlorella: Used for low levels of iron, body fight infections, toxic metals, such as lead.

walnuts: Rich Antioxidants, Omega-3s , Reduce Risk from Cancers, Type 2 Diabetes, Weight Control etc.

Berries: Fiber,  Vitamin C:, Vitamin K and Manganese

Hemp Seeds:It contains Protein, Unsaturated fat, Fiber and Minerals.

Avocado: vitamins K,C, E,  and B6, riboflavin, niacin,folate,potassium,  pantothenic acid, magnesium.

Egg Yolks: high levels of cholesterol .

Coconut oil:: fat burning, reduce hunger, reduce  Alzheimer’s disease.

Grass feed Beef