All you need to know about Bengal cats.

Origin In 1963, a Californian breeder developed Bengal cats by cross breeding a domestic shorthair with on Asian leopard cat.

Features Size medium to large, life expectancy -  9 to 10 years, colour - shades of black,tan and  Mahogany ,coat type -  double and short.

Temperament Ever alert, Energetic, Confident, High sociable.

Training They are highly trainable and love to learn new tricks. practise simple commands with interactive methods.

Food and Nutrition They need a balanced, protein rich diet with sources such as fresh Turkey.

Exercise They are very athletic. Hence it is necessary to channel their energy with at least two 15 minutes activity sessions daily.

Grooming They are one of the least shedding cats. However regular brushing is advised for mat free coats.

Health Concerns Cataracts,Pancreatitis  Chronic renal failure,Feline lower urinary tract disease.