All you need to know about Bombay cats.

Origin: An American breeder developed Bombay cats, aiming to create a cat breed resembling  a miniature Panther.

Features: Size - medium to large Life expectancy - 9 to 13 years. Colour - black, coat type - smooth and short.

Temperament: Active, Curious, Affectionate, Highly social.

Training: They are easy to train and love playful activities. ideally, 15 to 20 minutes everyday is recommended.

Food and nutrition: Like most cats,they prefer a mix of wet food and dry kibble.

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Exercise: They are easygoing and love staying active. 20 to 24 minutes of physical movement everyday is ideal.

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Grooming: They are low shedders, so brushing once a week is sufficient. However, still recommended daily.

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Health concerns: They are generally healthy breed.However, look out for:Breathing difficulties Craniofacial defect obesity Hypokalemia.

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