Elon musk car collection- details

By Maahir

Nov 03, 2022

More details about Elon Musk's cars can be found here

2012 Port 911 Turbo * Engine: 3.8 liter 6-cylinder engine • Top speed: 300 kilometers per hour

1920 Ford Model T Engine: 4 cylinder engine • Top speed: 70 kilometers per hour.

1976 Lotus Esprit “Wet Nellie” This car also currently holds the record for being the most expensive car in the world. Can also run on land and water

2008 Tesla Roadster  Tesla Roadster Super Fast Sports Electric • It goes at a speed of more than 400 km per hour.

Tesla Cyber Truck Futuristic vehicle Tesla Cyber Trike • Top-speed is 209 kilometers per hour

Tesla Cybertruck new tail-light design