Find out what happens if you don't exercise daily.

Find out what happens if you don't exercise daily.

In today's modern life, regular exercise is essential for people to keep themselves fit.

Daily exercise not only keeps you fit but also helps you to work with confidence.

Walking for ten minutes every day can help prevent premature aging.

Studies show that an unhealthy lifestyle brings illness and early death.

According to W.H.O., sedentary lifestyle is one of the top ten causes of death.

Some studies have shown that interacting with others socially can keep our brains actively healthy.

Studies show that we need to do 3 things to stay healthy and not dependent on others in old age.

Go outside for a ten to fifteen minute walk every day.

Sleep for six to eight hours every day.

Socially talking to others should be a part of society.

Studies have shown that by doing these 3 things, you can stay healthy and delay the onset of old age.