Half back hooker Green gregory paul was born 1972 passed away 2022 Aug 11.in queensland  Australian.

Source: Images from Social Media

An Australina rugby professional death tragic for whole world rugby players. at the age of 49.

Source: Images from Social Media

Green paul family will be planned for funeral ceremony programme .venue of event is conducted at Whynnum- manly Seagulls  home ground.

Coach Green death a wave of tributes coming from North Queensland cowboys  and QLD maroons team.funeral event in Kougari Oval.

In 2015 cowboys the first gand final team in rugby history Green played.and premiership coach Mr. Green paul.

The Queensland stete of origin mentor was bagged two tinmes Rothman medal .In 2021 cowboys premiership coach.

Green Paul was played more than 100 NRL games and Green honored by cowboys  team as a coach and mentor

An Australina rugby professional Mr. Green paul  was captained for super league grand final in 1997  but lost that match.

public funeral,event expected to be held August 23 or 30 at Kougari Oval deep condolenses all world fans.Every one feeling overwhelmed.