All you need to know about Himalayan cats.

Origin Three breeders in the 1930s  amied to creat  cats with the physique  of a persian and markings of a Siamese, resulting in this bread.

Features Size - medium, life expectancy - 8 to 11 years  color - Shades of seal,blue,black&cream coat type -  thick and double.

Temperament Smart,devoted,High energetic,Affectionate.

Training They are smart enough to be trained but love staying indoors. Hence, it's best to schedule short training sessions.

Food and Nutrition Deboned Chicken and chicken meals are the most delightful sights for a Himalayan cat.

Exercise They Generally have low exercise needs but are very playful.Hence, moderate activity with the parents suffices.

Grooming Daily brushing is essential to keep the Himalayan cat's long and thick coat clean and tangle free.

Health Concerns Cherry eyes, breathing issues, Polycystic kidney disease,Feline hyperesthesia syndrome.