Origins: Back in the 1830s, the earliest traces of this breed were found in the Canadian province of Newfoundland.

Features: Size - Large. Life expectancy - 10-12years. Colour - shades of black, brown and yellow. Coat type - Dense, double and short.

Temperament: Playful Affectionate Easy going High Spirited.

Training: They are eager learners and respond best to positive reinforcement training.

Food and nutrition: Their diet should consist of 18 - 22% protein and generous amount of calcium.

Exercise: They thrive with regular exercise. Hence,at least 1.5 hours of physical activity per day is recommended.

Grooming: Labrador is a heavily shedding bread. Hence, it is best to count on regular brushing every day.

Health concerns: Some common issues include: Joint problems Bloating and obesity Ear infections Heart diseases.