The former 45 first lady Melania Trumphs wordrobe and twitter resposponses, FBI searched.

 Melania Trumph as you known before whitehouse entered she is a fashionist.She is the third wife of Donald Trumph.

Lara Trumph claims on Melania Trumphs twitter and social media response.the various investigations into the final stages of his presidency  to misleading Mar a lago documents.

 Melania Trumphs wordrobe and twitter resposponses, FBI searched.Mr. Trump had brought with him to Mar-a-Lago, his private club and residence.He left the whitehouse before.

Donald Trumph and his partner Melania Trumph walking at Mar-a-lago residence at palm beach.

Lara Trumph , Melania Trumph wordrobe obiviously politicle motivated. Donald Trumph arrest warrant on misleading Mari -a- lago documents.

Donald Trumph says National security is facing with risk not handling of information proper way.ever happened like this on presidents before.

 Naturalized citizen in 2006 Melania Trumph and  chairwoman for the Martha Graham Dance Company.Also Goodwill Ambassador for the American Red Cross.

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assault” and complained  the authorities had broken into a safe. It is  appeared to come as a surprise to top aides at the White House.