Madonna  celebrates turning 64 with friends and family in Italy, Madonna kisses two women.

Madonna is celebrated her birthday with her friends, family, and children.

Madonna gave her fans a sense of what it's like to party with her during her "birthday week" when decked out in Dolce & Gabbana.

, Madonna kissMercy also shared footage of herself dancing with her kids, dining at lavish banquet tableses two women.

 I'm sitting here with my side b——s, the performer is heard saying as she and her companions clinked glasses in their chauffeured limousine.

On August 11, Madonna recently celebrated Rocco's birthday,  "I'm a Leo, and you are, too! Rocco, happy birthday."

Madonna has never been one to be afraid to challenge tradition or find some new ways to express herself.

Madonna has never been shy to display her naughtier side.

Madonna most recent show was on the TikTok hit "MATERIAL GWORRLLLLLL!" with Saucy Santana.