Origin: The 3 Types of Rottweiler dog breed 1) German Rottweiler. 2)American Rottweiler. 3)Roman Rottweiler.

Features: Size - Large. Life expectancy - 8 - 10 years.

Temperament: Steady,Devoted,Alert, Good Natured, Fearless,Obedient, Confident, Self assured.

Training:Easy to train, Socialization is important, Avoid Physical Discipline and Yelling, Be gentle and patient.

Food and Nutrition:The healthy amount of fat content in your dog’s food should be around 12% to 16% for an adult Rottweiler, and 14% to 18% for a puppy.

Exercise: The thrive with regular exercise. Hence,at least 2 hours of physical activity per day is recommended.

Grooming: Regular brushing everyday Two times.

Health Concerns:Rottweilers are reported as predisposed to musculoskeletal conditions, hearat disease, parvoviral diarrhoea, cancers and uterine disease.