The most important JDM cars ever made

By Naveen

October 11, 2022

1. Datsun 240Z The Datsun 240Z is one of the most popular Japanese sports cars.

2.Toyota Prius It was first introduced in 1997 with the Prius as the world's first mass-produced hybrid-engine car.

3.Nissan 200SX 270R It was first started in 1975.

4. Toyota MR2 As the first Japanese mid-engine car, the Toyota MR2 JDM deserves its rightful place.

5. Toyota Camry This car is one of the most successful cars of all time.

Images: Unsplash

6. Toyota Corolla Toyota Company introduced the Corolla in 1966 as an affordable option.

7. Honda Civic Since its inception in 1973, it has become the longest-running nameplate in the brand's history.