All you need to know about Doberman

Origins: Friedrich Louis Dobermann, a tax collector and night Watchman, developed this breed in Germany in 1890.

Features: size - large. life expectancy -10 to 13 years, colour - shades of black,blue, fawn and red,coat type - short and smooth.

Temperament Loyal Powerful People oriented Highly intelligent.

Training This is breed loves sports.introduce uniqueness in  terms of training formats and include physical activity.

Food and nutrition High quality palatable and easily digestuble foods are best for a Doberman.

Exercise Weight maintenance is essential for their lean structure. therefore ensure vigorous play for an hour every day.

Grooming They are moderate shedders,so a weekly or twice a week brushing  routine works for them.

Health Concerns They can suffer from Dilated cardiomyopathy,Hypothyroidism,Hip dysplasia,Chorionic Active Hepatitis.