Care in genital hygiene: Some women do not clean the private part properly which leads to various infections.

Due to use of cleaning tools: If cleaning tools are used instead of hands to clean the genitals, bacteria and fungus can become infected.

Not changing sanitary pads: Problems arise due to not changing sanitary napkins frequently during periods.

Staying in sweaty clothes for a long time not only increases the risk of infection in the genital area but also in other parts of the body.

Women should consult a gynecologist at least twice a year and undergo medical tests so that any problems can be detected early.

Using soaps and lotions with uneven pH levels on the genitals can also lead to infections.

Ignoring the problems on the genitals and not consulting the doctors for treatment, the problem becomes bigger and there is a greater chance of an accident.

Self-treatment of genital problems without consulting a doctor can do more harm than good.