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Born to Fly,’ China’s ‘Top Gun film, is set for a UK release

Trinity CineAsia has acquired the rights to the Chinese tentpole action movie “Born to Fly” and will release the film in playhouses in the U.K. and Ireland. Billed as China’s response to the Hollywood hit “Top Gun,” the Chinese film follows Li Yu and a group of elite fliers who undergo rigorous training to become test aviators. Led by the educated Commander Zhang, they are tasked with testing the rearmost fighter jets.

As they soar to new heights, an unexpected engine fails and catches fire, sending the plane spiraling out of control. Despite many near-death experiences, they persist in extreme conditions to collect important data. But the deadline for delivery of the new aircraft is approaching. The film is releasing in Landmass China on April 28 during the May Day holiday, one of the three important seasons in the release timetable.

The film’s production was supported by the Chinese Air Force and the Aviation Industry Corporation. Production companies include Bona Media, Alibaba Film Culture and PMF Pictures, and state-owned titans China Film Group and Huaxia Film. Rights confirmed from Huasha International. Velgo USA will release the film in North America.”Born to Fi” was originally listed for release on China’s National Day last October, but the release was shelved at the last moment due to an unauthorized explanation.

Born to Fly,' China's 'Top Gun' film, is set for a UK release
Born to Fly,’ China’s ‘Top Gun film, is set for a UK release

Some online sources have accused the film “Top Gun” of being stolen, while others have blamed poor quality specials. Other observers suggested the problem was avoiding a duel with “Top Gun Maverick” as soon as Paramount dominated world title defenses. Chinese tech mammoth Tencent was originally a major investor but pulled out before the film’s release.

Nationalism is a popular thread running through Chinese-made flicks and the cult, and the planned October release of “Born to Fly” has attracted high ticket pre-sales. Appetite for the Chinese film appears to have waned, and pre-sales surpassed $3 million, with 75 advanced bookings in China earlier this week. Trinity CineAsia will follow the China release with exercise wireworks in the U.K. on April 28.

Starts the rollout. The main release starts on May 5. “ Over time the U.K. Following the box office success of the wildly successful Chinese film ‘Wandering Earth’, we are delighted to bring ‘Born to Fly’ to the U.K. “Irish Defense in China is a real fit at the same time after the phenomenal success of ‘Top Gun Maverick,'” said Cedric Behrel, co-founder and director of Trinity CineAsia.

Starring talented and adventurous first-time director Liu Jiaoshi. Wang Yibo’s first film released in the U.K. Zhou Dongyu top We are delighted to bring the special show back to Ireland with Billing.”

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